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Yusuf Ahmadu
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Yusuf Ahmadu
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International Journal of Guidance and Counselling

Vol. 2 (1), pp. 025-034, September, 2016


Mutual relationship pathology between couples, after husband's infidelity, among the traumatic women In Isfahan


Yusuf Ahmadu


Accepted 9 April 2014

This study was designed to investigate the mutual relationship pathology between couples, after husband's infidelities, among the traumatic women in Isfahan, using a qualitative and phenomenological method in 2012 -2013. Based on a purposive sampling method, 10 cases were selected from the women traumatized from husbands' infidelities. To identify interactive traumas of the inter-relationship, based on existent documents, a semi- structured interview was designed. Then the data was analyzed by classification methods and second data organization. The results showed that interactive traumas in couples, after infidelities, comprise 21 main categories. These traumas, before infidelities, are classified in 4 main areas as follow: intrapersonal traumas, interpersonal traumas, meta-personal traumas and special meta-personal traumas.

Key words: Interactive relationship pathology, infidelity, the traumatic women.

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