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Sanjeet Ruhal
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Sanjeet Ruhal
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International Journal of law and Conflict Resolution


High seas high-ways: Safety and security 

Sanjeet Ruhal 

Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Delhi, India.

E-mail: sanjeetruhalili@gmail.com. Tel: 9868921956. 

Accepted 10 December 2013 

In contemporary times, the subject of maritime security is no longer a traditional concern of naval forces but has evolved into a grave problem with cause and effect on shipping industry and states. The laws related to piracy, maritime terrorism and open registry system (flag of convenience) seem to be inadequate and even unclear. The security measures adopted by states under the directions of International Maritime Organization are having some contradictions to General Principles of International Law and hence, there lies a need to carry-out research with a view to bring out a thesis and anti-thesis to synthesise the State Sovereignty and the common interests of all. The research focuses on the major threats to maritime security. 

Key words: Piracy, maritime terrorism, containerization, flag of convenience, ship security.