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Ghazi Sabarini
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Ghazi Sabarini
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International Journal of law and Conflict Resolution

Vol. 3 (3), pp. 137-147, November, 2015

Full Length Research Paper

The application mechanism of international humanitarian law

Ghazi Sabarini

Philadelphia University

Accepted 8 November, 2015 

This research deals with the subject of the application of international humanitarian law mechanism, and through a statement to the concept of this law and the sources from which it derives its bases, and discrimination between him and international human rights law, which intersects with dramatically, because the statement essence of international humanitarian law alone is not enough to achieve the desired goal of this research, it was necessary to show the mechanism in the application of international humanitarian law, and that through the presentation of the planning system concerned at the international level, and a mechanism statement work in the application of this law, and put rules into being from this side, and another of our offer for the application of international humanitarian law at the national level in the Jordan side, and also between the internal organs concerned in the implementation of it, and the suitability of domestic legislation with international treaties dealing with international humanitarian law.

Key words: Humanitarian law, planning system