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Sami Mohammed Kharabesheh
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Sami Mohammed Kharabesheh
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International Journal of law and Conflict Resolution

ISSN:  2504-9984  Vol. 5(2), pp. 244-253, February, 2017


Full Length Research Paper


The adequacy of the legal aspects of the audit committee in the joint stock companies according to the Saudi Corporate System: A comparative study


Sami Mohammed Kharabesheh


Accepted 22 January, 2017

This research aims to highlight and review the strengths of the organization and the failures or deficiencies or ambiguities in the provisions of the Audit Committee, and the researcher tries through this study to answer the following question: What is the adequacy of the legal aspects of the Audit Committee in Joint Stock Companies, according to the Saudi corporate system? The study reached the following results: The majority of legislation considered the Audit Committee an auxiliary committee of the Board of Directors while the Saudi regulator was different from the other comparative laws of that it linked the Audit Committee with the General Assembly of the Joint Stock Company. The results of the study also showed the existence of differences between the audit committee and the auditor and internal control. The study suggested some recommendations, most important, there is a need to amend the system of the Saudi companies providing clear terms and conditions of the qualifications of the members of the Audit Committee in terms of qualifications and experience.

Keywords: Legal Aspects, Audit Committee, Joint Stock Companies, Saudi Corporate System