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Fatoki RO
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Global Research Journal of Education

Global Journal of Education Research ISSN: xxxx-xxxx Vol. 1 (1), pp. 050-054, November, 2013. © Global Science Research Journals 


Full Length Research Paper

The role of ICT in the teaching and learning of history in the 21st century


Adesote SA and Fatoki  RO


1Department of history and diplomatic studies, Mcpherson University, seriki-sotayo, Ogun State, Nigeria. 2Department of educational foundation and counselling, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Ondo State, Nigeria.,

Accepted 26 October  2013

This paper examines the role of Information and Communication Technology in the Teaching and Learning of History in the Senior Secondary School in the 21st century. The new Information and communication technologies of internet and multimedia which have led to positive impact in the field of education in most developed countries are still at infancy or not used at all in the classroom instruction in the developing countries. ICTs are potential powerful enabling tools for effective teaching and learning. The paper argues that the central role of ICT is to provide additional strategies that can be used to address major educational challenges being faced by teachers and students of History in the 21st century. The paper therefore concludes that the appropriate use of ICT can influence and change traditional methods of teaching and learning of History thereby ensuring quality education.

Key words: ICT, History, Teaching, Learning, Education.