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Noor Abdulhadi Alsubyani
Maha Abdullah Dabbagh
Rania Mustafa Du'bus
Salwa Mohammad Tashkindi
Omaima Ahmad Sulaiman
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Noor Abdulhadi Alsubyani
Maha Abdullah Dabbagh
Rania Mustafa Du'bus
Salwa Mohammad Tashkindi
Omaima Ahmad Sulaiman
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Global Research Journal of Education

ISSN: 2408-6894 Vol. 4 (7), pp. 510-519, December, 2016


Full Length Research Paper


Building a proposed measurement schedule for women in Saudi Arabia


Noor Abdulhadi Alsubyani, Maha Abdullah Dabbagh, Rania Mustafa Du'bus, Salwa Mohammad Tashkindi, Omaima Ahmad Sulaiman


Accepted 3 December, 2016

Measurement schedule has a great importance because of its effect on the clothes production process dramatically, so many countries are interested in updating the industry introducing their own measurements schedules, and even the countries that have the measurements schedules update them periodically. The research aims to find averages of standardized measurements of Saudi women's body (25 to 50 years) in the western region of Saudi Arabia (Makkah - Jeddah - Taif) and a measurement schedule for the Format Arabia for women and corresponding measurements of other countries, the research followed descriptive and analytical approach to answer the research questions and checking its hypothesis, it also used measurement tool to codify the sample of (600) women, it has been reached to put measurements schedules for women in the western region of the following sizes: (SS-SM-SL-SXL- S2XL) relying on height and weight to classify the sample, the study recommended the need for the Arabia Saudi standards body to adopt women measurements schedule to supply the factories to work in production and raising domestic product quality, as it also recommended to activate these measurements through courses in colleges specializing in the production of garments in Saudi Arabia.

Keywords: Measurement Schedule, clothing sector, domestic product