Illocutionary Forces of Speech Act in the Novel "Homeland of Glass"

ISSN:   2408-6894 Vol. 4 (4), pp. 468-475, August, 2016




Illocutionary Forces of Speech Act in the Novel "Homeland of Glass"


Dr. Israa Amer Shamsulddin


Accepted 25 July, 2016

This research" illocutionary forces of speech act in the novel homeland of glass" is considered  a study of language appearance represented as a dialogue & narrative illocutionary forces, The world  research case introduced as a Language philosophy or Language analysis which represented the principle of Speech act. The research divided into three parts: First, the direct illocutionary force  which represented by report & news of characters description, novel narrative & conditions, second, indirect illocutionary force. Which is represented as an illustration, explanation, sorrowfully, refusal,  support, desire & self revolutionary, third, the stable illocutionary forces which represented by the question & negative tenses. Political, ideological & socially novel examples were represented. The research focused on three steps: First, selected, non statistics samples.  Second, the dialogue anal seal as intonation voices as a pragmatic language. Third, the novel represented the aggressive period of Algerian people.

Key words: Direct illocutionary forces, indirect illocutionary forces. stable illocutionary forces, speech act, the novel homeland of glass