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Global Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Research

GJVMR | Editorial Board

Prof Kirsten HarveyProfessor of Molecular Neuroscience and Cell Biology

Professor Robert HarveyPharmacologyUCL School of Pharmacy, London

Prof. Dr. Thomas KunerFunctional NeuroanatomyMD 1998, University of Heidelberg1999-2000, Postdoctoral work at Duke University Medical Center

Professor Amiri Moghadam, Mahmood RezaAnatomy dept., institute of basic medical science,Oslo, NorwayBrain and Nervous System, Cell volume regulation, Aquaporins, Astrocytes, Human Rights, Neurological disorders

Professor Berg, Torill Professor - Physiology: Inflammation Unitinstitute of basic medical science, Oslo, NorwayCardiovascular system, Hypertension, Sympathetic nervous system, Adrenorreceptors, Renin-angiotensin syste

Professor Andersen, Lene FrostAnatomy dept., Anatomy dept., institute of basic medical science,Oslo, NorwayNutrition, Prevention, Dietary assessment method, Dietary Research, Nutritional epidemiology

Professor Peter AgreAcademic Degrees: MDDepartmental Affiliation: Molecular Microbiology and Immunology Departmental Address: E5146 Bloomberg School of Public Health Honors and Awards: 2000 National Academy of Sciences 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry


Mayada Mosad Ahmed Gwida (Ph. D)

Lecturer of Zoonoses

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt