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Teklay Abebe Teferi
Tsehaye Brhane Aregawi
Muruts Legesse Wubshet
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Teklay Abebe Teferi
Tsehaye Brhane Aregawi
Muruts Legesse Wubshet
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Global Journal of Pests, Diseases and Crop Protection

ISSN: 2437-1874  Vol. 3 (4), pp. 113-123, October, 2015

Full Length Research Paper

Occurrence and intensity of net and spot blotch of barley in South Tigray, Ethiopia

Teklay Abebe Teferi*, Muruts Legesse Wubshet and Tsehaye Brhane Aregawi 

*Corresponding author. E-mail: teklayabebe6@gmail.com

TARI, Alamata Agricultural Research Centre, P.O. Box 56, Alamata, Ethiopia 

Accepted 17 October, 2015

Net and spot blotches of barley are among the most harmful foliar diseases causing significant economic losses. To investigate the prevalence and intensity of these diseases in Tigray, where barley is one of the major crops, disease assessment survey was conducted in 2015 main cropping season. It was based on inspection of barley fields randomly selected at 5 km intervals along accessible routes. The result showed net and spot blotches prevalence and intensity varied across locations within the zone and among districts. From 70 fields examined, 40% and 60% were affected by net and spot blotches, respectively. More than 70% incidence was noted in many locations of three districts except Raya –Alamata which was about 10%.  The overall mean incidence and severity of net and spot blotch diseases were 26.6% & 25% and 29% & 16%, in that order. Therefore, continuous investigating of pathotypes and developing integrated management options for all diseases is utmost critical. 

Key words: Barley, diseases, intensity, net blotch, spot blotch