Function of communal work in health care structure

ISSN:  2465-7549 Vol. 4 (1), pp. 131-136, September, 2016


Full Length Research Paper


Function of communal work in health care structure


Mohammad Shah


Accepted 3 Feb. 2014

Health policy makers in macro level in their plans can pay attention to health infrastructure and notify more to health care than treatment, and with increasing number of patients in the community, social workers can find causes of illness in the population. Present research focus on role of social work in the health field with library research and documents. The findings suggest that access to health care from one country to another, from one group to another, from one person to another is depending on the social, economic, cultural and health policies. In this field, the social workers are able to contribute the understanding of different cultures and environments. The correct and efficient support systems, adequate facilities and equipment provide high quality medical services and technology will be completed. Acceptance the clients and professional attitudes are the prominent features of social workers that cause them to assess the clients in three situations: 1- Needs assessment 2- The condition of the client 3- The interaction between person and community.