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Shareaf Atef Al Shbeal
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Shareaf Atef Al Shbeal
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Global Journal of Management and Social Science Research

ISSN: 2355-7789 Vol. 4 (4), pp. 094-103, September, 2016


Case Study


Corporate governance and its impact on organizational effectiveness, Greater Amman Municipality case study


Shareaf Atef Al Shbeal


Accepted 13 September, 2016

This study demonstrate the impact of corporate governance on organizational effectiveness in the Greater Amman Municipality, questionnaire was used to measure corporate governance, this questionnaire was developed by the Council of the Asia Securities to measure corporate governance with the exclusion of some of the paragraphs which doesn't fit with the current study environment, it included seven criteria namely (discipline administration, transparency, independence, accountability, responsibility, justice, social awareness) the questionnaire was distributed among fifty managers in the Greater Amman Municipality, where organizational effectiveness was measured by reviewing the files, annual reports, and managers rebounds. The results of the study showed that there is an impact of corporate governance on organizational effectiveness, and the current study concluded that the Greater Amman Municipality has received a good level of governance, and this is a positive sign of the importance of corporate governance. As well as GAM's commitment to the standard of transparency and this is indicated by the results of the study where the Municipality issued the annual report with the information it contained. The study reached some recommendations the most important was the need to elevate the Greater Amman Municipality at the level it has reached from the application of corporate governance standards and work to upgrade them to the highest levels. As well as seminars and lectures for managers and heads of departments and staff held on the subject of corporate governance due to its impact on organizational effectiveness.

Key words:  Greater Amman Municipality, Corporate Governance, Organizational Effectiveness