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Mustafa Mohamed
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Mustafa Mohamed
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Global Journal of Management and Social Science Research

Vol. 4 (2), pp. 076-081, April, 2016


Full Length Research


Development of leadership and empowerment of employees


Mustafa Mohamed

Accepted 17 December 2015

When managers show their individual commitment to quality service, frontline hotel personnel follow them. Managers who reveal an empowering leadership style and are dedicated to service quality establish an environment, which leads staffs to share the values within an organization. Some researchers describe empowerment as a way of experiencing self-efficacy by the employee via conditions, which foster powerlessness and via their removal by both informal techniques and formal organizational practices. This study is intended to show the effects of different leadership styles on different managerial levels. It incorporates the information obtained from the study carried in 10 nations; 5 developed and 5 developing countries.

Key Words: Leadership development, empowerment, managerial levels, developed nations, developing nations.