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Taha Kamal Yassin
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Taha Kamal Yassin
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Global Journal of Management and Social Science Research

Vol. 5 (3), pp. 129-139, September, 2017


Full Length Research Paper


Re-engineering of administrative processes and their Impact on Improving Productive Efficiency "An empirical study in the production department of greater Amman Municipality"


Taha Kamal Yassin


Accepted 2 September, 2017

The purpose of the study was to recognize the role of re-engineering of administrative processes in improving production efficiency in the production department of Greater Amman Municipality. The researcher used the descriptive analytical method to analyze the data and identify the administrative re-engineering and its impact on improving the production efficiency of the Greater Amman Municipality (Production Management). In order to select the hypotheses related to the study, the statistical program SPSS was used to achieve the objectives set out in this study. The arithmetic mean, Pearson correlation coefficient, and simple linear regression analysis were used to test the hypotheses of the study. The population of the study consisted of (167) of the directors and heads of the administrative departments and employees in the production department of the Greater Amman Municipality. Results of the study show that the basic requirements for the re-engineering of administrative operations in the Greater Amman Municipality / Department of Production are available at (59.50%). This shows that the Greater Amman Municipality has the minimum required to implement the re-engineering of administrative processes, which is a good result in the current economic conditions.

Keywords: Reengineering of Administrative Processes, Productive Efficiency, Production Department, Greater Amman Municipality