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Delphine A. Tangoh
Eric A. Achidi*
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Delphine A. Tangoh
Eric A. Achidi*
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Global Journal of Gastroenterology and Cardiology

Full Length Research Paper 

Risk assessment of cardiovascular disease among staff of the University of Buea, South Western Cameroon 

Eric A. Achidi and Delphine A. Tangoh 

Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Faculty of Health Sciences University of Buea, Cameroon.

*Corresponding author. E-mail: achidi_e@yahoo.com. Fax: 237 33 32 22 72 

Accepted 22 September, 2013 

Current changing lifestyles of Africans may impact on their risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. This study aimed at identifying the pattern of the major risk factors of CVD and the total risk of CVD among workers of the University of Buea. A cross-sectional study was carried out involving 313 teaching and support staff of the institution. Fasting blood sugar, total cholesterol, Triglycerides and HDL cholesterol levels were measured by spectrophotometry. LDL cholesterol was calculated. Calculation of Risk Scores Estimation of the individual risk of developing subsequent cardiovascular disease and the absolute risk of CHD within 10 years was done using the Framingham Heart Study Prediction Score charts. The mean (± SEM) age of the workers was 39.8 ± 0.48 years (range of 23 – 64 years). 38.7% (121) of the workers were overweight, while 27.8% (87) were obese. Total cholesterol level was significantly different among the different age groups (F = 4.776, P = 0.003). There was a significant positive correlation between total cholesterol (r = 0.144, P = 0.011) and TG (r = 0.242, P < 0.001) levels with age. Total cholesterol, LDL-C and triglycerides significantly correlated with BMI. Ten-year CHD absolute risk score correlated positively with average quantity of alcohol consumed per unit time (r = 0.248, p < 0.001). The prevalence of the risk factors of CVD was relatively low among the workers of the University of Buea, except for overweight and obesity, alcohol consumption and low HDL-C. 

Key words: Cardiovascular disease, lipid profile, cholesterol, triglycerides, risk factors.