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Nwajokwofia Edwin
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Nwajokwofia Edwin
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Global Journal of Educational Foundation

ISSN: 2449-061X Vol. 5 (1), pp. 343-350, January, 2017.


Full Length Research Paper


Teacher s’ factors in the implementation of universal basic education programme


Nwajokwofia Edwin


Accepted 10 December, 2016

The study is an empirical research on teachers’ factors in the implementation of universal basic education (UBE) Programme. There were three research questions and three hypotheses to guide the study. As a descriptive survey, 205 teachers were sampled from a target population of 2,040 teachers in 120 junior secondary schools. Questionnaire was used to generate data. Data were analyzed using the mean and z-test statistic. It was found that urban teachers’ implementation of the UBE programme was significant to those in the rural areas. Also, the experienced teachers’ implementation of the programme did not differ from the less experienced teachers. In addition, the perceptions of professional and non-professional teachers in the implementation of the programme did not differ. It was recommended among others that since there is need for community recruitment of teachers, government should recruit professional teachers into the schools for students to achieve permanent literacy and communicate effectively. Seminars and workshops to be organized for teachers and government should intensify more efforts in effective supervision of teachers to acquaint them with new ideas in the implementation of the universal basic education programme.

Key words: Teachers perception, universal basic education, junior secondary schools, Nigeria.