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Wangdi J
Wangchuk Sonam
Bhujel P
Timsina MP
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Wangdi J
Wangchuk Sonam
Bhujel P
Timsina MP
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Global Journal of Dairy Farming and Milk Production

Vol. 2(2)

Full Length Research Paper

Performance of Buffalo (Bubalusbubalis) under Bhutanese conditions

Wangdi J, Bhujel P, Timsina MP and Wangchuk Sonam

RNR-RDC, Jakar, Bhutan

Corresponding Author’s Email:jmewangdi@yahoo.com

Accepted 22nd July, 2014


The study was conducted to generate and document baseline data on the productive and reproductive performance of buffalo under Bhutanese conditions. The compositional milk quality of buffalo was also studied. The data were collected from 46 individual buffalo based on their history, reared by 34 farmers of Samtse and Tsirang districts using structured questionnaire. A data on daily milk production of individual buffalo was measured immediately after complete milking using weighing spring balance with a 10 g precision.  Milk samples of 60 ml were collected in plastic vials, then stored in cool box and transported to place or areas with electricity facility for milk compositional analysis. The samples were analyzed within 2 hr time period after collection of samples using ultrasonic milkotester. The production and breeding parameters studied were average daily milk yield, average age of cows, lactation number, lactation record, age at first breeding, heat interval, gestation period, calving interval and days open.It was observed that the buffaloes are bred for the first time at an average age of 35.26 months. The average heat interval, number of services required per conception, gestation period, calving interval, and days open recorded in this study for the buffalo cow was 21.49 days, 1.97 numbers, 301.21 days, 507.6 days and 160.01 days respectively. The average % fat content , % SNF, density, freezing point, % Protein, % Lactose, % Ash and % added water of buffalo milk in Bhutan were 7.22, 9.26. 1.029, -.620, 3.35, 5.00, 0.70 and 0.00 respectively. The total solids estimated in buffalo milk was 17.18 %. Presently, owing to limited/inadequate government supports and interventions   the buffalo farming are declining despite its high potential to improve rural livelihood and diversify income generation capacity of Bhutanese farmers. The sustenance of buffalo farming in future will entirely depend on enabling policy and appropriate extension services supports by government in the areas of improved management practices, breeding, feed and fodder and animal health aspects. 

Keywords: Reproductive and productive performance, compositional milk quality, ultrasonic milkotester