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Ejomeyovwi Erukainure
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Ejomeyovwi Erukainure
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Global Journal of Business and Management

Vol. 4 (1), pp. 074-088, June, 2016


Full Length Research


Factual prospects of social media and international entrepreneurship in Nigeria


Ejomeyovwi Erukainure


Accepted 2 June 2016

Entrepreneurs all over seek ways of introducing their products to international markets, but international business environment pose a lot of opportunities and threats to foreign entrants. The cultural, political and technological environment has a lot to do in entrepreneurial success in global markets. The study examined the effect of social media on international entrepreneurship in Nigeria. The general objective of the study is to critically determine the extent to which social media have contributed to the international venturing of entrepreneurs in Nigeria. One hundred questionnaires were administered to collect primary data that treated appropriate research questions and four hypotheses were tested accordingly. The results of this study indicated that technological advancement has significant impact on business transactions of international entrepreneurs which could be traceable to the fact that most small business entrepreneurs are technological inclined to transact businesses. The study found that so far the proper understanding of the usage of social media tools has offered more to the entrepreneurial venture decision making. Also the social media tool has been proven to enhance business dealings which also have to do with entrepreneurial success in the international markets. The study recommends that since technological products provide ample benefits for international entrepreneurs, organizations should endeavour to provide indispensable technologies that supports international transactions.

Keywords: Social Media, International Companies, International Business, International Entrepreneurship, International Ventures, Nigeria.