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Elawad Bahaeldin ELkhair
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Elawad Bahaeldin ELkhair
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Global Journal of Biological and Biomedical Research

Vol. 4(1), pp. 137-142, January, 2016

Full Length Research Paper

Age and menarche in girls in Saudi Arabia: An anthropometric study 

Elawad Bahaeldin ELkhair

Department of physiology. Faculty of medicine. University of Umm AL-Qura

Holy Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Post Code   21950.

E-mail Address: bahaelawad@gmail.com, Phone: 00966535548549

Fax: 00966125582711

Accepted 5 January, 2016

The menstrual cycle which is experienced by the females is an essential event in the female life cycle and it is known as menarche. The age of menarche is decreasing across the world due to various contributing factors. This research aims to identify the age of menarche among the school children of Riaydh. Moreover, it will also explore the relationship between the age of menarche and anthropometric measurements like weight, height and BMI. It is a quantitative descriptive study, which has used the normal methods of measurement of the weight and height of the girls. The target study population was 120 girls between the ages of 11 to 15 years. The current status of menarche was identified by the help of status quo method and the assessment was also carried out by the date of birth. The outcomes of research have shown that mean menarcheal age was 12.91 ± 1.1 years. Moreover, the mean BMI was found to be 26.7500. These evidences have indicated the persistent trends that are the decreased menarcheal age and the association of age of menarche with the increased BMI. There is a need to identify the association between age of menarche and nutrition status. 

Key words:  Menarche, age, BMI, obesity, anthropometric relationship