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Agbasiere Chijioke
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Agbasiere Chijioke
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Global Journal of Art and Social Science Education

ISSN: 2437-1904 Vol. 3 (2), pp. 089-093, May, 2015. 


Harnessing national security through the emerging Nigerian video film theatre

Agbasiere Chijioke

Anambra State University, Nigeria

E-mail: agbachiji2008@yahoo.com 

Accepted 27 February, 2015


This paper aims to give vision to the fact that theatre arts can be used as an instrument for the enhancement of national security through the gains made from the Nigerian video film industry as has been exemplified in Nollywood productions as contributory factor which significantly impact positively on the sustenance of the economy and the propagation of our culture as the basis for the nation's development. The paper adopts qualitative methodology in examining how the Nollywood productions constitute veritable source of inspiration for the economy and its impact in harnessing national security for the country. Findings reveal that Nollywood productions are indeed strong base of economic earnings for the practitioners and as export commodity serve as a means through which foreign revenue is attracted to the country. It is also noted that Nollywood provides employment for the youth who participate at the various stages of the production processes which keep them engaged as well as economically empowered thereby they contribute to the sustenance of the national security since they do not pose challenge to its operations. Additionally, it is observed that the productions offer opportunities for the advancement of diplomatic relations and a vital channel for awareness creation which enhance national security. Based on the findings, it is then recommended the adoption of new technologies to improve the quality of the films in order to enhance their marketability. It is also advocated that funds should be made available to the producers in form of endowment as support from the government, sponsorships from corporate organizations and individuals to enable them increase the production capacity as well as facilitate the purchase of more equipment to boast their man power development that will in turn enhance national security. 

Keywords: National security, Nigerian video film, theatre artist