Trenchant assessment role in teaching English Literature to Non-Natives

ISSN: 2437-1904 Vol. 5 (4), pp. 197-201, June, 2017




Trenchant assessment role in teaching English Literature to Non-Natives




Accepted 2 February, 2016

This paper attempted to explore the existing modes of assessment prevalent in Pakistani context with reference to assessing English Poetry at B.S (graduate) level to the students whose first language was other than that of English. The paper took question papers of poetry as an example and presented a critique on the summative type of assessment and its limitations while assessing literature in general and poetry in particular of non-native English speaker students. It also addressed some reservations and highlighted the importance of assessment in teaching methodology. However it also purposed alternative methods of assessment which not only ensured the quality of assessment techniques but also pertinent for the quality learning of the assesses in ESL context. Results reflected analysis of classroom to, field notes, face-to-face interviews with teachers and administrators, digital photo journaling, and artifacts.

Keywords:  Summative  Assessment,  Authentic  Assessment,  Non-Native  English  Language  Learners, Teaching-Practicum