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Adejobi Kayode Babatunde
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Adejobi Kayode Babatunde
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Global Journal of Agriculture and Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 3 (1), pp. 190-196

Full Length Research paper 

Evaluation of the potential use of human urine amended with cocoa pod husk ash as nutrient sources for growth performance of kola (Cola nitida) in South-Western, Nigeria.

Adejobi Kayode Babatunde

Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, P.M.B 5244,Ibadan, Nigeria.

Email: jobikayode@jmail.com 

Accepted 31 January, 2015


A nursery study was conducted on the use of human urine amended with cocoa pod husk ash as nutrient sources for growth performance of kola (cola nitida) seedlings.Eight treatments: 800ml human urine (HU), 700ml HU + 5t/ha (6.25g) cocoa pod husk ash (CPHA), 600mlHU+5t/haCPHA, 500ml HU+ 5t/ha CPHA, 400mlHU+5t/ha CPHA, 300mlHU+5tha/CPHA, 200mlHU+5t/ha CPHA per 2.5kg of soil filled polythene bags replicated three times and a control (no manure) were arranged in completely randomized design (C R D). The results showed that human urine amended with cocoa pod husk ash increased significantly (P<0.05) the plant height, stem girth, number of leaves, number of branches, leaf area, root and shoot lengths, root and shoot fresh weights, root and shoot dry weights N, P, k, Ca, Mg, Na of soil and leaf, soil pH and organic matter contents of cola seedlings relative to the control treatment. 400ml HU +5t/ha CPHA increased the plant height ,number of leaves , stem girth, leaf area , root length and shoot length of cola seedling by 12%, 29.3%, 7.8%, 37% ,10%and 5% respectively compared to single application of 800mlHU. When compared with 700mlHU+5t/ha CPHA, it also increased the plant height , number of leaves , stem girth ,number of branches , leaf area , root length , shoot length, leaf N , P,K, Mg, Ca, Na and soil pH by 20%, 24%, 9%, 18%, 5%, 1%, 33%, 6%, 26%, 39%, 12%,13% , 25% and 5%. 700mlHU+5t/ha CPHA increased significantly (P< 0.05) dry root weight of cola seedlings and soil OM,N, and P relative  to other manure treatments and the control while 500mlHU+5t/ha CPHA gave significant higher number of branches , leaf P,K and Na compared to other organic manure treatments and the control. 

Keywords: Cocoa pod husk ash, growth performance, Cola nitida, human urine, nutrient sources