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Bewuketu Haile
Tsegaye Babege
Awalom Hailu
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Bewuketu Haile
Tsegaye Babege
Awalom Hailu
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Global Journal of Agriculture and Agricultural Sciences

ISSN:  2408-6886  Vol. 4 (2), pp. 314-321, December, 2016


Full Length Research Paper


Constraints in production of onion (Allium cepa L.) in Masha District, Southwest Ethiopia


Bewuketu Haile, Tsegaye Babege and Awalom Hailu


Accepted 14 December, 2016

This study was conducted with the main objective of assessing the constraints of onion bulb production in Masha district, southwest Ethiopia in 2014/15 cropping season. Three administrative kebeles were purposefully selected, followed by selection of sample farmers randomly based on their proportion. A total of 90 respondents were interviewed using semi-structured questionnaires. In addition group discussions were made with selected farmers of the study areas. The collected data was analyzed by using descriptive statistics using SPSS 20.0 Software and Excel was used to produce figures. The findings of the study revealed that disease and insect pests attack, weeds, shortage of quality seed, lack of pesticide, lack of postharvest technologies, lack of community awareness on crop protection and inadequate demonstration of new technology are faced by the growers. Majority of the sampled farmers, about 77% of farmers identified diseases and insects as the major factors responsible for the yields and yields quality reduction. Knowledge of crop diseases and insect pests constitutes a major obstacle; most respondents (79%) did not have access to information about integrated pest management, pesticide use and safety. Most onion growers (79%) depend on the experience of others for advice on managing pests and diseases. Farmers emphasized the fact that they have suffered from buying adulterated and fraudulent pesticides and onion seeds with very low germination capacity. To improve farmer knowledge of diseases and insect pests and other management practices, introduction of training programs for farmers is indispensable.  On the other hand, licensed and traceable sources of agricultural inputs such as (seed and pesticide) supply would help to overcome this problem. Here, the water shortage is also the problem to produce onion in dry season to be addressed through implementation of small-scale irrigation system.

Key words: Onion; Production Constraints