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KK Salman
RA Okere
BI Oluwatayo
NC Ehirim
MYA Rahji
SUO Onyeagocha
TT Awoyemi
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KK Salman
RA Okere
BI Oluwatayo
NC Ehirim
MYA Rahji
SUO Onyeagocha
TT Awoyemi
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Global Journal of Agricultural Economics and Econometrics

Full Length Research Paper 

Econometric analysis of suitability and marginal value productivity of farmlands for cassava production in Imo State, Nigeria 

NC Ehirim, RA Okere, SUO Onyeagocha, MYA Rahji, TT Awoyemi, BI Oluwatayo and KK Salman 

1Department of Agricultural Economics, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

2Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. 

3Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan, Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria.

*Corresponding author. E-mail: ehinadykus@yahoo.com 

Accepted 28 August, 2013 

Indiscriminate allocation of farm farmlands beyond efficient level affect farmers return, hence suitability and standard value of lands for cassava production for optimal use were investigated. Data were obtained using a multi-stage sampling technique, from a sample of 203 cassava farmers in the state and were analysed using descriptive statistics, land productivity ratio and econonometric tools. Most farmers are female of 55.7 6.8 years of age and post primary education status. Nutrient ammendment is at the rate of 442.36 ± 102.73 Kg/Ha and at mean cost of N36401.77 ± 28575.84/Ha. The performance rate of 0.96 tons/person/Ha was obtained. The suitability index ranges from 0.139 to 0.908 with 46.3% cultivating on non-suitable land of 0.0-0.339 while only 20.7% cultivated on suitable lands of above 0.723 suitability index with a smaller mean area of 1.48Ha. The performance rate across these classes of land ranges from 0.44 tons/Ha/person to 2.11 tons/Ha/person for non-suitable land and suitable lands respectively. Suitable lands had the highest land productivity of 5.71 while moderate and non suitable lands had only 4.00 and 3.72 respectively, hence about 53.4% and only 7.5% increase in production is achieved as a piece of land is improved from non-suitable and moderately suiatble lands respectively to suitable land in the area. The MVP ranges from N302429.76/Ha for non-suitable lands to N718535.2/Ha for suitable lands. The study noted that suitable lands have higher opportunity cost than others for cassava production, hence recommentds that opportunity cost of land must be based on higher MVP for optimal use. 

Key words: Farmland, suitability, marginal, value,  productivity, cassava.