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Ngũgĩ David Gathegi
Edi Ruto Tergat
Bernard Loroupe Rudisha
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Ngũgĩ David Gathegi
Edi Ruto Tergat
Bernard Loroupe Rudisha
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Global Journal of Agricultural Economics and Econometrics

ISSN: 2408-5499 Vol. 4 (3), pp. 205-211, March, 2016.


Full Length Research Paper


Important economic and ecological activities of Wetland resources of Nyando Wetlands



Ngũgĩ David Gathegi*, Edi Ruto Tergat and Bernard Loroupe Rudisha



Received 01 January, 2016; Accepted 20 February, 2016

Wetland resources of Nyando Wetlands support important economic and ecological activities. However, it is faced with multiple pressures from different anthropogenic Activities within the wetlands and upstream. The Nyando wetlands are facing increasing threats of reclamation for agriculture. This is bound to intensify as population pressure increases. The question therefore is; should Nyando Wetlands be conserved or converted? Using market and contingent valuation methods, within the benefit-cost analysis framework, an economic valuation was carried out to determine the benefits of conserving or converting the Nyando wetlands. The results revealed that Nyando Wetlands yield a flow of economic benefits of the consumptive goods and services estimated at about US$ 1.5 Billion (US$ 62,500 / Ha / year) with an infinite present value of US$ 75.5 Billion at 2% discount rate. Thus the reclamation of the wetlands would imply high economic costs to the government and local communities. To reduce the pressure of reclamation, it is suggested that educational campaigns on the importance of wetlands be carried out.

Key words: Wetland value, market price, contingent valuation, goods and services.