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Noreen Sarai
Godfrey Sithole
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Noreen Sarai
Godfrey Sithole
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Global Educational Journal of Science and Technology

Vol. 2(3), pp. 129-135


Integrated Improved Security System Techniques in Combating Crime Using the Biometrics at the National Airport of Zimbabwe

1Godfrey Sithole and *2Noreen Sarai

1,2School of Information Sciences and Technology, Harare Institute of Technology, PO Box BE277, Belvedere Harare, Zimbabwe.

Corresponding Author’s Email:, Tel: 263-773-884-666 

Accepted 4 November, 2014


Biometrics has become very popular as a tool in combating crime in the world.  Despite all the research that has been carried out the improvement of the algorithms still has not been exhausted. In the past research community has focused primarily on the password, and national identity cards and biometrics with less effective algorithms. However current and future complex crimes require better algorithms with improved time and space complexities. The proposed algorithm was subjected to the fingerprint authentication.  The results were recorded.  Then the algorithm was improved and better results were achieved. Surprisingly, extremely little research to date has considered continuous systematic and logical improving the algorithms to achieve authenticated results.

Keywords: Biometrics, algorithm, minutia matching, fingerprint