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Abdalla M Asefa
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Abdalla M Asefa
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Global Educational Journal of Science and Technology

ISSN 2465-7190 Vol. 4 (1), pp. 160-163, July, 2016


Full Length Research Paper


Comeback stratagem: an encouraging facsimile to shackle combativeness in Jammu and Kashmir


Abdalla M Asefa


Accepted 1 April 2015

As suggested in the history of conflicts and insurgencies, no peace process will succeed unless it’s armed with well thought and dealt with sincere measures. Given, the conflict of Kashmir was time and again ascertained using the same parameters but they were hybrid of sincerity and maneuvering, resulted in a debacle. Surrender and rehabilitation policy has all credentials of positivity as a civilized method to address an unfortunate occurrence. The unfortunate part is that the process of indoctrination is unabated. Such issues need to be addressed in tandem with the aspect of surrender. The matter requires deeper thought and understanding. Any attempt to bulldoze the issue due to political expediency would be counterproductive in short and disastrous in the long term.

Keywords: Stratagem, surrender, combativeness and comeback.